Agro food

Agro food is one of the crown jewels in the Dutch economy. A sector that is furthermore highly dynamic: fluctuating market prices and saturated sales markets on the one hand and the rising costs of land, energy and labour on the other hand.

Over the last decade, the sector has responded to this by upscaling and by making efficiency improvements. In some sectors, such as intensive livestock farming, this has led to social debates about animal welfare and environmental pressures. In our small and densely populated country, the ‘licence to produce' is a regular subject of debate. All these trends often create difficult strategic dilemmas for farmers, (international) trade and logistics, the food processing industry, as well as the supply industry.

Berenschot has a long tradition of advising and guiding parties in the agro food sector. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the sector, we work sensibly, transparently and purposively on realistic solutions in intensive dialogue with the sector, based on clear-cut analyses and models that also work in practice. We can thus help companies in your sector gain momentum.

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