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Reorganisation and recovery

When you need to get your organisation back on track and keep it there, we can help.
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Often it is not enough to carry on doing what you have always done to keep your organisation successful. Constantly changing circumstances require both you and your people to be creative. And on the road to recovery a reorganisation is sometimes unavoidable.

Whatever your problem may be, we always look for the most suitable solution. Whether you are looking for support in setting out a course for your organisation, getting on track or staying there. Or if it’s a matter of strategy, its implementation or something in between. People are paramount in everything we do. We can draw on years of experience and combine various areas of expertise to tailor our proven approach to your situation. Whenever you need it.

Our careful and integrated approach is always led by quality and good employment practices. Analytical, fast and pragmatic. That’s how we can help make a start and give you the tools you need to get your organisation on track and keep it there.

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The right direction

Setting a course

Changing circumstances mean that you need to rethink whether you are still heading in the right direction. To future-proof your organisation, a change of direction, restructuring or reorganisation may be unavoidable. The next question is which strategy will be most effective. How will that change of direction impact your organisation’s workforce? What competences will people need to have in future? How can you provide your staff with clarity in these uncertain times? And how do you continue to appreciate and motivate them? All in all, no easy task.

Getting and keeping on track

To adjust to the new course, it is important to prepare the organisation for change. Sometimes far-reaching measures are needed, such as a reorganisation. Being aware of the human dimension is vital here. 

Berenschot’s experienced consultants understand better than anyone that every situation is unique and will always need to be handled with care. They do this by providing clarity and ensuring adequate coordination between stakeholders and those affected. Together we determine what are the right steps for your organisation. Good employment practices are paramount in this process, for those who stay with the firm and those who leave.