European defence developments bring opportunities for the Netherlands

Published on 10 March 2021

European defence is and will remain a very important topic following the introduction of the European Defence Fund and the future development of a European Strategic Compass. If the current momentum is maintained, increased cooperation could lead to a fully-fledged European Defence and Technological Industrial Base. The defence industries in all member states must find ways to connect to these developments if they wish to retain their market position. Berenschot’s paper entitled ‘Working towards successful European Defence Cooperation’ analyzes the current situation.

Berenschot bases its analysis on interviews with different stakeholders working in the Netherlands and in Europe to achieve European cooperation on defence matters. A key research question was: which factors are crucial for cooperation to be successful? “Our research shows that the coordination of Dutch efforts related to European defence developments is well organized, “says Robert Wester, managing director EU at Berenschot and co-author of the paper. “But there are clear opportunities for improvement in a number of fields. For instance, on co-financing and improving access to the European Defence Fund for SMEs.”

Would you like to read the full analysis and results of the research on the European Defence Fund and European defence cooperation? Download the paper ‘Working towards successful European Defence Cooperation’.

Working towards successful European Defence Cooperation (pdf, 686 kB)

Robert Wester_klein

Robert Wester

Managing director EU