Webinar ‘Carbon neutral Scenarios and the role of Hydrogen’

Published on 7 October 2020

When: 20th October
Where: Online
Who: policymakers (both EU and local) & network operators

The energy transition involves radical changes for the energy system. Berenschot and Kalavasta developed four climate-neutral energy scenarios for the Dutch energy system in 2050. These scenarios are based around different governance pathways to achieve the energy transition. We distinguished a regional, national, European and international pathway, with each pathways resulting in carbon neutrality. During this webinar, Bert den Ouden (Berenschot) will explore these scenarios and the energy system (including renewables, electricity, heat, storage). He will especially discuss  the role of Hydrogen and explore how different regions in Europe could strengthen each other in that respect.

During the second half of the webinar, an expert panel will reflect on the scenarios and the implications of extending the scenarios to the Benelux countries. The main topic that will be discussed: regional cooperation in relation to the scenarios.

Any additional questions will be discussed during the final Q&A session.

Preliminary Program

16:00h Welcome & introduction by Robert Wester
16:10h Presentation of the four scenarios by Bert den Ouden (Berenschot)

Panel discussion with experts:

  • Maarten den Dekker, Representative of North Sea Port (Dutch/Flemish Port authority Terneuzen, Vlissingen and Gent) - confirmed
  • Ronnie Belmans, Professor at KULeuven, CEO of EnergyVille - confirmed
  • Frans Weekers, Deputy Secretary-General of Benelux Unie - confirmed
17:00h Q&A
17:15h Wrap-up

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