Berenschot Navigator: checklist for organisations in times of crisis

The Covid-19 crisis is causing uncertainty for your organisation and your employees. Markets are in lockdown, business deals postponed, orders cancelled. Digital networks are straining under heavy traffic and questions about teleworking. Employees are falling ill or having to care for their children at home. The Berenschot Navigator (pdf, 1 MB) helps you decide on the most effective actions for your organisation in this crisis.

All organisations are facing three major challenges:

1. Keeping the business going and ensuring future-readiness

The crisis is a test of your organisation’s continuity. Is your organisation ready to deal with a large-scale crisis? Start by re-evaluating your product portfolio. Which products drive your revenue? Which products are essential to your customers right now?

The crisis is affecting your customers as well. They will want to know they can rely on you. Clear promises and commitments can help maintain strong customer relationships. What do your clients need most right now? How can you support them in their needs and offer them reassurance? For instance, could you support them with extended credit terms?

In turn, your own suppliers might be in a position to help you. Can they give guarantees on deliveries? Are they prepared to discuss their credit terms?

2. Smart financial management to maintain liquidity and optimise costs

During a crisis, it is essential to have in-depth and up-to-date insight into cashflow and the daily banking transactions. Do you have a clear view on income and expenses and how you could adjust them? A liquidity forecast model will enable you to calculate different scenarios and quickly determine suitable measures.

3. Involve employees in solutions and communicate effectively with stakeholders

In turbulent times it is vital to create stability and calm in your teams so that employees can continue to do their best. In times like these the creativity and input of employees are an important (and often unexpected) source of solutions. Be smart and combine several small measures with a few major interventions. Make sure that employees have the knowledge and skills they need to work in new or adapted processes.

The speed and responsiveness of the leadership can influence the impact of a crisis. The rise of social media means that their actions in crisis situations are easily magnified and shared.

Download the Navigator!

The Berenschot Navigator (pdf, 1 MB) gives guidelines to help you come through the crisis. The checklist helps you to steer your organisation in these uncertain times. We help you to quickly identify which processes need to be scaled-up or scaled-back. And we support you with an action plan to implement those changes and keep your daily operations running. With one goal in mind: to take the most effective actions for your organisation in the corona crisis!

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