Technical control systems generate cyber threat

Published on 4 April 2019

The number of technical control systems in society is increasingly rapidly. They ensure, for instance, that access gates, security cameras, as well as such things as boilers and bridges, can be operated remotely. As well as convenience this, however, also forms a threat as these systems, just like PCs, can be hacked.

And during the design of such systems, cyber security is usually not taken into consideration. When measures are taken later, the systems are never actually completely secure. Moreover, the development of statutory standards is lagging behind, while cyber security actually needs to be part of the design from the design and acquisition stage.

In this white paper, Berenschot advisors Hans Reterink and Tim Kenter, provide you with various insights and suggestions for handling these types of potential threats.

Whitepaper SCADA-systemen cyberdreigingen

Download the whitepaper 'Cyber threats for SCADA and IoT systems' (Dutch). (pdf, 505 kB)

Hans Reterink

Hans Reterink

Managing consultant