Exclusive master-class by negotiation guru Robert C. Bordone

Published on 15 May 2019

Negotiation is an important skill for managers and administrators. That is why on Thursday 27 June, Robert C. Bordone, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and negotiation guru, will visit the Berenschot Academy. He will give an exclusive master-class about negotiating.

Robert C. Bordone is keynote speaker at the master-class. He became known by taking the Harvard win-win methodology from Getting the Yes by Fisher & Ury to a higher level.

Tim Masselink (Senior consultant at Berenschot) will lead the master-class and will also show how the knowledge can be used in practice, in which participants can hone their negotiating skills. He specialises in complex issues regarding influencing and is author of the best seller Toponderhandelaars (top negotiators).

Tim Masselink

Tim Masselink

Senior consultant