Berenschot presents recommendations for the European Green Deal during the opening of the EU-office

Published on 11 October 2019

In September, Berenschot expanded its consultancy practice to the European Union. In the heart of the European district in Brussels, Berenschot has now opened a new office in the Holland House (Rue d’Arlon 20). During the launch event Robert Wester, Managing Director of Berenschot-EU, presented a whitepaper with recommendations how to design and execute an ambitious Green Deal.

The recommendations are directed at Eurocommissioner Frans Timmermans and aims to give him a head start in creating an ambitious and feasible Green Deal that is fitting in the European context.

Berenschot highlights the importance of involving European citizens according to the principles of participative governance. “Getting people to engage with governing entities, while using appealing, easy to access formats and intuitive digital platforms – participative governance – is key for effective policy making”, according to Tim Masselink, Berenschot-EU consultant. Another important aspect of the Green Deal should be to increase the share of sustainable heat as part of the energy mix. Furthermore, the whitepaper provides suggestions on how the industry and transport sector could contribute to the achievement of climate goals.

Finally, Berenschot recommends Eurocommissioner Timmermans and his colleagues to come up with an ambitious proposal which goes well beyond the scope and ambition of the previous Commission.


The new Berenschot-EU team provides clients with strategic European advice and training on how to effectively influence EU policies and how to evaluate these policies at all levels. Additionally, an EU impact scan is being developed for organizations in the Netherlands.

Robert Wester_klein Robert Wester
Bert den Ouden_klein Bert den Ouden
Tim Masselink-klein Tim Masselink
Joachim Schellekens_klein Joachim Schellekens