Interactive research regarding promising blockchain propositions in the Utrecht region

Published on 9 February 2018

The Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) has asked Berenschot to research promising blockchain propositions in the Green and Healthy domains in the Utrecht region.

Based on this research, the EBU wants to map the playing field and come to a well-founded judgment about the applications that suit the Utrecht region. Furthermore, revenue models are reviewed to find out which are promising and whether new coalitions need to be created (and if so, which) to capitalise on these opportunities. Energy companies seem to be the most active players in the Green domain in this regard. In the Healthy domain, opportunities concerning privacy-proof exchange of patient data are being examined.

The research will take place in the first half of 2018 and is interactive in its nature: apart from desk research and interviews, a number of group meetings and inspiration sessions will also take place. The first general meeting for this project is planned for 6 March 2018 from 2 pm. The research results will be presented in May 2018.

Rosa-May Postma_klein

Rosa-May Postma