Blockchain ecosystem opportunities in Utrecht region mapped out

Published on 13 September 2018

The best way to enhance the blockchain ecosystem in the Utrecht region is a roadmap that involves working on concrete blockchain projects. This approach enables involved parties to discover, experiment, apply blockchain and to scale this up. This is the finding from a Berenschot report commissioned by Stichting Economic Board Utrecht (EBU).

In recent months and together with various parties, Berenschot has identified promising blockchain propositions for the Utrecht region, as well as the parties that can or would like to play a role in this. A start was also made on the formation of consortia in the Green and Healthy domains. Based on these findings, cases were selected that were further elaborated with the involved organisations. This resulted in a roadmap for blockchain projects within the region’s economic agenda.

To enhance the blockchain ecosystem in the region, involved parties work within the roadmap on concrete blockchain projects. “In order to simultaneously enhance the ecosystem also in an economic sense, the proposal is to invest energy within work packages in a so-called 4V programme: Linking Parties, Accelerating Initiatives, Deepening Knowledge and Skills and Strengthening the Infrastructure”, explained Nanning de Jong, one of the researchers. “Various projects have now been initiated with participants or put forward for further development, application or scale-up in the region.”

To know more, download the report ‘Opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem in the Utrecht region’ (pdf, 9.3 MB) (Dutch), or download the latest blockchain ecosystem map.

Rosa-May Postma_klein

Rosa-May Postma