Berenschot provides initial insight into the Blockchain Ecosystem 2018

Published on 29 May 2018

Over the past few months, Berenschot, under contract to the Economic Board Utrecht (EBU), has conducted research into promising blockchain propositions in the Green and Healthy domains in the Utrecht region. One component of the research was to map out the blockchain ecosystem for the entire Netherlands.

Blockchain ecosystem

The 'Blockchain Ecosystem 2018 – Netherlands' map includes parties that are actively involved in exploring, developing and applying blockchain. More parties than just blockchain startups and (technical) developers are active in the blockchain ecosystem. The left side of the map primarily contains parties that offer blockchain products and/or services, such as startups, developers and legal and organisational advisors. The right side primarily contains parties that are actively working on applying blockchain in actual practice, such as government, healthcare and energy organisations.

The preliminary results of the blockchain ecosystem are published here in draft form with an invitation to organisations to provide feedback. If your organisation's logo is not shown here and you are a dutch organisation let us know.

Blockchain Ecosystem 2018 – The Netherlands (Dutch)

Blockchain ecosystem 2018 - The Netherlands

If you are interested in viewing the most recent version of the Blockchain ecosystem, click here!

Promising blockchain propositions

Berenschot together with various other parties has identified promising blockchain propositions for the Utrecht region and has made a start on the formation of consortia in the Green and Healthy domains. An inspiration session was organised for this purpose on 6 March, during which the definition of promising propositions was clarified, as well as the parties that can or want to play a role in this. Case studies were selected on the basis of this session that we will be working out in further detail with the relevant organisations. The results of the research and the first consortia will be presented in Utrecht on 13 September during the Research into Promising Blockchain Propositions presentation.

Onno Ponfoort_2_klein

Onno Ponfoort

Senior managing consultant