Training cooperation asylum seekers/local residents Overvecht district

Published on 14 September 2017

Recently Berenschot provided a training session on cooperation for asylum seekers and residents in the Utrecht district of Overvecht. The session was part of a training course on entrepreneurship, which was offered free of charge by the Municipality of Utrecht, under the name Plan Einstein.

The evening session on the Einsteindreef in the Asylum Seekers Centre was hosted by Roxane Vercauteren, Anissa Oukhiar and Jeroen Boot. Approximately twenty very enthusiastic asylum seekers and local residents participated in the training. Their assignment was to build the highest possible tower from sugar cubes while blindfolded and in teams of four. “In this way, the participants experienced the elements of a fruitful cooperation. The competitiveness of the teams also added a nice momentum,” says Vercauteren. “During the pre- and follow-up discussion a participant from Eritrea used a very apt proverb indeed: ‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’.”

Plan Einstein is a project in which refugees and local residents are encouraged to work on a professional future. In addition to the training programme, consisting of various workshops, Plan Einstein also offers a platform where refugees and local residents can meet each other. The hope is that this approach will improve integration and give the participants perspective. An innovative approach, because elsewhere refugees are not allowed to use these kinds of facilities in anticipation of their resident status. A great initiative!

Roxane Vercauteren

Roxane Vercauteren