‘Surprising and innovative solutions often come from unexpected perspectives’

Published on 1 September 2017

As per 1 September, Hans van der Molen (1966) started as the Chairman of the Executive Board of Berenschot. He is the successor of Theo Camps, who performed this role for fourteen years.

Hans van der Molen about coming to Berenschot: “Developing Berenschot, the most prominent consulting firm in the Netherlands - that is a challenge I am looking forward to taking up. My primary task is to ensure our firm continues its relevance to clients, employees and other stakeholders. To me, that implies continuous innovation, change and improvement.”

“Based on my business economics background, I like taking an integral perspective of issues, preferably with a multi-disciplinary approach. Surprising and innovative solutions often come from unexpected perspectives. Innovation and creativity generally arise on the crossroads of different disciplines, organisations and perspectives. Technology is often the engine driving innovation - but human fantasy and creativity is the source. A multi-disciplinary organisation such as Berenschot is able to release such unique energy like no other, both in consulting assignments for its clients and in developing innovative products and services.”

Hans van der Molen

Hans van der Molen

Chairman of the Board of Berenschot Groep