Roeleke Vunderink, member of the Governance Code for Housing Corporations Committee

Published on 13 June 2017

Aedes and the Organization of Housing Association Supervisors (VTW) have appointed Roeleke Vunderink, Senior Managing Consultant at Berenschot, member of the Governance Code Committee with effect from 1 September 2017. Yvonne Timmerman-Buck will act as Chairman with effect from the same date and will succeed Wim Deetman.

Roeleke Vunderink has experience as a regional director for housing corporations and has worked as Executive Board Secretary at VU prior to working for Berenschot. Housing corporations that are members of Aedes or supervised by VTW members, are bound by the Governance Code for Housing Corporations (Dutch). Corporations can thus guarantee good governance and supervision, transparency of the organisation, ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in their environment and careful handling of their clients.

At the request of, for example, the tenants of a corporation, the Governance Code Committee assesses the conduct of a corporation. In the event of violation of the Code, the Committee advises Aedes and the VTW concerning any sanctions on the relevant housing corporation.

Roeleke Vunderink

Roeleke Vunderink

Senior managing consultant