JIPs on “3D Printing of functional production parts for the Oil & Gas and Maritime industry” will start in January 2018

Published on 27 November 2017

We are pleased to present two interrelated JIP Agreements for your review regarding  “3D Printing of functional production parts for the Oil & Gas and Maritime industry”:

  • A  JIP managed by DNV-GL focusses on assessing procedure and qualification requirements and process descriptions. This JIP will deliver a guideline for producing certified AM-produced (spare) parts.
  • A  JIP managed by Berenschot will deliver a part and material selection tool, operational protocols for the production and finishing of AM-produced (spare) parts, requirements for supply chain automation and a model to assess the economic viability of selecting AM to produce a specific (spare) part. Next to physical demonstrator parts, this JIP will also deliver a database of 100 parts that are assessed on manufacturability and economic viability.

In view of the 18 month period foreseen, this means the JIP’s will run from 11-1-2018 until 10-7-2019.  We will organise the official kick-off of on January 11, 2018., in Oslo (Hovik), Norway.


Aligned set up of 2 JIPs to develop selection tools, economic justification, guidelines and protocols for 3D Printing of functional production parts for the Oil & Gas and Maritime industry”

We have taken good care to align the set-up, milestones and deliverables of both JIPs. Nevertheless,  you are not obliged to participate in both JIPs.

The Project Agreements which you can download from this site will govern the relationship between the participants, and the participants and DNV GL or Berenschot respectively.

For both JIPs this means that each of the parties can enter into identical agreements. The General Conditions apply to all parties. Special Conditions will only be entered into in exceptional cases. If you have any exceptions to the contractual wording, these exceptions shall be given in the Clarification Logs attached.

We have already received positive feedback from 24 companies who would like to join the JIP(s). The following 15 companies have committed or have indicated strong interest to participate in the JIP(s): Statoil, Rolls Royce, Aibel, HIPtec, Ivaldi, Ulmatec, Voestalpine, SLM Solutions, Bekaert, LPW, Trumpf, IRO (oil & Gas), Eramet (Aubert & Duval), Oerlikon, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow).

As many companies are still working on formalizing the contractual work in their organization, we chose to start in January 2018.  This also leaves room for others to join in.

The January 2018 kick off will give ample opportunity to companies who want to join but need some more time. Participation to the meeting is free of charge and open to everyone who is interested, but we expect you to join the kick-off meeting with an ambition to participate and sign the consortium agreement January 31, 2018 at the latest.

When you want to indicate the possibility to join this JIP to other relevant parties - e.g. those in your value chain, who have indicated interest in quality assured AM production - please feel free share this information with them.. Please accept our invitation, preferably by Monday, the 11th December 2017,  such that we know who is attending and we make the arrangements accordingly.

Agenda for the kick-off meeting will be sent in week 51-2017 to those that have indicated to participate.

For more information please contact Onno Ponfoort (o.ponfoort@berenschot.nl / +31 (0) 6 150 14 751).