Industry network meeting with focus on purchasing

Published on 6 December 2017

At the end of last month a meeting of the Berenschot Industry Network took place in Papendrecht. Its subject was, among other things, the sourcing policy in the semiconductor and aircraft construction sectors; the Netherlands play a significant part in both these sectors.

Mark van Spall (Senior Director Strategic Sourcing, ASML) gave a presentation about Strategic Sourcing at ASML. Hans Büthker (CEO, GKN Aerospace / Fokker) shared his views about the situation in the aircraft construction sector supply chain in this respect and about the way GKN approaches the issue. Subsequently, a number of statements were discussed under the guidance of Joes Wigman (Managing Director Berenschot).

The differences between both industries turned out to be significant, but there certainly also were similarities. One of the conclusions of the meeting was that the genesis of an organisation has a long-term influence on the sourcing policy. Certain competencies are traditionally present in-house, while others are not. Sometimes a supplier provides knowledge and/or products that the company would prefer to integrate into its own portfolio. In such instances, a good, workable solution needs to be found.

It also turned out that the supplier assessment model QLTC still works well for ASML; this model reviews quality (Q), logistics (L), technology (T) and costs (C), whereby the costs are a result of the first three factors. In this context, an interesting discussion arose regarding ‘Moore’s law’ in the semiconductor sector and around the strong cost-driven factor that stimulates innovation in aircraft construction: the ‘costs per seat’.

The next meeting of the Industry Network is scheduled for April 2018.

Hans Schotel

Hans Schotel

Managing director