Female CEOs in the USA earn more. Luc Steenhorst gave an explanation on BNR

Published on 29 May 2017

“All over the world you must strive to be the best as a woman to get to the top,” so says Luc Steenhorst, international remuneration expert at Berenschot. However, women at the top in the USA earn more than their male colleagues. How is this possible?

In his interview with BNR, Luc Steenhorst explains that is primarily due to the scarcity of women at the top. “If you are really good, you can earn really well. However there are very few women at the top and that is translated into the salaries.”

In addition, salaries in the USA are very high. They cannot be compared to Europe.

Listen to the whole interview on BNR (Dutch).

Luc Steenhorst

Luc Steenhorst

Managing director