Drones as camera surveillance: a good idea? The municipality of Enschede is convinced that it is

Published on 30 January 2017

On 18 January the blog “Enschede has to prove that drones can secure their grounds” appeared on the website of Numrush.

The municipality of Enschede wants to deploy drones for camera surveillance, but whether the use of drones as surveillance cameras will actually be effective is yet unknown. André Oostdijk and Mariska Peeters (consultants at Berenschot) give their reactions to this.

According to André Oostdijk, drones could be a very good idea and can certainly add value. A drone can, according to Oostdijk, make camera surveillance unpredictable, which will improve the preventive effect, however, the end must justify the means. The use of cameras does constitute an invasion of privacy. This invasion of privacy must outweigh the problem you wish to resolve. Oostdijk’s colleague Mariska Peeters adds that it is important to be very specific about the aim: what do you want to achieve by using drones equipped with cameras. “By making the aim very clear from the start, you can really assess afterwards whether the drone has contributed to the aim that you had in mind.” The Berenschot consultants emphasise the need to prevent the municipality from invading the privacy of citizens without any result.

The full blog can be read on the website of Numrush.

Mariska Peeters and André Oostdijk also wrote an article last year with advice for municipalities for the effective deployment of camera surveillance.

André Oostdijk_klein

André Oostdijk

Senior managing consultant