Berenschot takes part in project 'Customisation for people'

Published on 17 November 2017

On 14 November Simone Roos (Director-General Government Organisation, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations), gave the official go-ahead, amid great interest, for twelve social return pilot projects. Berenschot is participating with its own pilot project.

As a supplier, Berenschot realises that creating places directly linked to the assignment is not always easy for people who are far removed from the labour market. Not every project lends itself to creating places. For this reason, Berenschot looked for customisation and alignment, which has led to the participation in the social return pilot projects. These pilot projects will offer work to at least 40 candidates far removed from the labour market.

During the launching, Hans van der Molen, Chairman of the Board Berenschot Groep B.V., Gerhard Jansen, Managing Consultant, and Ingrid Beukman, Project Leader Berenschot Inclusive, were among those present. Beukman: ‘We at Berenschot are proud of our pilot projects and our policy “Berenschot Inclusive” because we actually help people into work and personally guide them on their way to a place within our company and in society.’

Berenschot Inclusive

Berenschot is a strong supporter of an inclusive society. From 2011, there were already social return issues among the assignments of the Rijksoverheid (central government), but the request was not directed towards people far removed from the labour market and benefits until 2015. In answer to this, Berenschot has integrated this in the existing ‘Berenschot Inclusive’ policy.

Ingrid Beukman

Ingrid Beukman-Lubberts

Project manager