Berenschot wins Audit Team Football and Safety contract

Published on 1 February 2017

Berenschot has won the European contract to assist the Audit Team Football and Safety. The Audit Team advises municipalities, the police, the Public Prosecution Service, professional clubs and the KNVB (Royal Netherlands Football Association) on tackling hooliganism and football violence.

The Audit Team has three tasks. It conducts solicited and unsolicited fact research into major incidents of hooliganism and/or football-related violence. Furthermore, it conducts thematic research into developments and trends, including in relation to the five priority areas as mentioned in the Accessible, Hospitable and Safe Football project. Finally, the Audit Team gives specific advice and recommendations based on research/audits into the way in which paid football organisations, municipalities, the police and the Public Prosecution Service interpret Accessible, Hospitable and Safe Football locally.

Berenschot will assist the Audit Team over the next two years in implementing the tasks, with the possibility to extend for a further period of two times one year.

Vincent van der Vlies_klein

Vincent van der Vlies

Managing consultant