Berenschot supports VNCI in Roadmap 2050

Published on 23 May 2017

VNCI (Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry) has instructed Berenschot and Ecofys to prepare a roadmap for energy and climate up to 2050 for the chemical industry in the Netherlands. The Roadmap 2050 must lead to a shared ambition and vision for the Dutch chemical industry.

In preparation of the Roadmap, the VNCI and the Topsector Chemie will in the coming months worked closely with the chemical industry clusters and the ‘energy-intensive industry’ plans at VNO-NCW and VEMW. Recently, the chemical clusters had already published their vision action plans.

Both Berenschot and Ecofys have extensive experience with working out roadmaps for the chemical industry and climate change, such as the ‘European chemistry for growth’ and ‘Roadmap for chemistry 2030’, on which the Roadmap 2050 is based. On the basis of recently published studies, the already existing problem-solving approaches are reviewed and tailored towards the specific options for the Dutch chemical industry. The Roadmap 2050 must realise the following results:

Quantification of the current potential in the Dutch chemical industry to contribute to a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands by 2050. In this way the roadmap contributes to creating realistic expectations for the role of the chemical industry in the energy and low carbon transition.

A solid analysis for policy makers which can serve as basis for policy choices relating to the chemical industry.

A guideline for giving the innovation agenda of the chemical industry in the Netherlands renewed impulse and focus.

Bert den Ouden_klein

Bert den Ouden

Managing director