Wind energy Wieringermeer

Wieringermeer is a typical reclaimed land area in North-Holland, close to the sea, with high wind speeds.

On request of the local communities, government program institution (NL Agency) and the national forest institution, Berenschot has identified the possibilities for wind energy in a specific woodland part of that area, with a focus on economic impact and issues regarding public support.

Alliance Factory “Wind energy Wieringermeer”

Based on the above and on request of NL Agency and local partners, Berenschot applied its “Alliance Factory” methodology. This is a high-intensity dialogue process to achieve consensus and connections between partners: in this case, those interested in participation and economic spin-off from wind energy projects. The resulting plan paves the way for the development of wind energy in the next 5 to 10 - years, taking into account the interest of all parties involved. This included the scaling up of existing wind-energy sites and financial participation of land owners.

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