Realisation of a new hospital in Curacao

Curacao is in urgent need of a new, adequate and high-quality hospital for its approximately 140,000 residents. Curacao commissioned the SONA Foundation to realise a new sustainable operational hospital for Curacao; in other words, "Nos Hospital Nobo", our new hospital.

The SONA Foundation and its implementation organisation USONA (subsidiary of Berenschot) and Berenschot have proven in recent years to possess the professional capacities necessary to adequately manage and supervise a project of that the magnitude of the new hospital on Curaçao. More information about SONA's projects can be found at

We are responsible for project management during the full course of the project until realisation of the hospital. This includes development of a business case, all stages of the tender process and management of the associated funds. Berenschot produced the initial business plan, the program of requirements, and all other relevant documents. Further, we are developing a medical operational structure, we advise on all aspects of the future organisational design, and we design all secondary functions (catering, logistics, etc.). Finally, we will manage the recruiting and training process and will ensure the transfer of personnel of the current hospital on the island.

Through this project, the government aims to provide affordable and high-quality healthcare for all inhabitants of the island and to revise the structure of the national health care system. The preparations started mid-2011, the groundbreaking ceremony was in 2013 and actual construction started in 2014. The hospital will be operational in 2018.

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