Post-merger integration of Caribbean water and electricity company

Curacao's water and power  company both produces and distributes water and power. Few decades ago production and distribution were merged, however, a 100% integration was not yet implemented. In addition, the company was on the eve of the implementation of an ambitious investment plan in technical infrastructure, which should lead to improved quality and reliability, less environmental impact, at the lowest possible cost.

The Execute Board has asked Berenschot to support the organization in finding the right organizational structure to enable the realization of its corporate goals. Next to the main question regarding the appropriate organizational structure the Execute Board asked us the following questions

  • How can the internal processes be integrated and/or optimized?
  • What are the subsequent requirements in terms of staffing (in fte's)?
  • How can people make it happen?

From strategy to implementation

Together with our client we designed a 7 step approach starting from strategy until implementation.
In the initial phase Berenschot advised the company on its leading principles. The focus was to find usable leading principles to guide the project and to use as anchor. At the same time, the entire organization was benchmarked to identify efficiency objectives for the next 3 years.

We developed a new organizational design, starting at the highest level and gradually increasing level of detail. The new organizational structure should enable the company to achieve its goals and to fully integrate the production and distribution part.
In the last phase improvement projects were formulated and implemented.

The organizational structure and the projects were designed by management supported by Berenschot advisors. An important characteristic of Berenschot 's approach is that we believe in close participation of management and employees.


The results were the following

  • Leading principles anchored in the organization
  • Benchmark indicating the amount of fte expected at the new headquarters
  • Detailed organizational design with support of the employees
  • Implementation of the plan together with the organization
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