Monitoring of biofuel project in Malawi

TNT has been working together with Bio Energy Resources Ltd. in Malawi since 2008 to develop the infrastructure required for converting and processing jatropha into a biofuel. The work is carried out by the Moving the World Foundation, whose goal is to fight hunger and poverty.

After making arrangements with farmers concerning the sustainable planting of jatropha, TNT sought additional financing for the further development of the value chain and the processing of jatropha into biofuel for use by rural households. Berenschot was asked to develop a project proposal within the guidelines of the Daey Ouwens Fund: a grant scheme aimed at providing people in the least developed countries with access to sustainable energy.

Since the allocation of over € 1.6 million from this fund, Berenschot has been helping TNT to monitor progress. The project is expected to be completed by mid 2011. Regular meetings are held with the project implementers for this purpose. The project status is jointly analysed and the objectives for the next period are reviewed. Berenschot also advises TNT on process and organisational issues. Various companies from Malawi and the Netherlands are currently working together on the logistics infrastructure for the collection of jatropha and the construction of a factory to convert it into biofuel. The needs of the local population play an important role. As the end-consumers, they are the ones who determine whether the business case is ultimately profitable.