LeasePlan Brazil

LeasePlan is the world's largest fleet and vehicle provider in terms of fleet size, operating in 30 countries across Europe, north and south America and the Asia-pacific.
LeasePlan Brazil made remarkable improvements in turnover and profitability in the last two years. As part of their next step improvements, they asked Mazars/Berenschot to train management in management skills and organize strategy alignment workshops.

Mazars/Berenschot organized a management training in situational leadership. In close cooperation with LeasePlan, improvement areas were determined in line with their strategy. Two workshops with management and directors were organized to elaborate the determined areas into improvement plans.

The result was that management started to apply appropriate management styles in different situations, directors and management shared ambitions and translated them into improvement plans with clear targets and action steps. Management assumed responsibility for improvement plans and the team drive to follow up on improvement projects increased.

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