Joint venture in Turkey

A Dutch shipbuilding company wanted to obtain a Programme for Cooperation with Emerging Markets (PSOM) grant. The PSOM grant is an investment grant that can be obtained from the Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency (EVD), an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to support the establishment of new production facilities abroad. The condition is that a Dutch company does so in partnership with a foreign company.

Berenschot outlined the project in a number of working sessions with the customer. These sessions primarily concerned the selection of the country, the partner and the type of partnership. After this, the details and the figures were fleshed out. "The result was a business plan and a project plan that together form the PSOM application," said Ingrid van Straten. ‘We submitted the application to the EVD on behalf of the customer."

The EDV approved the plans based on a comparative assessment and awarded our customer a € 750,000 grant. The customer then asked us to organise a kick-off meeting with the foreign partner. During that meeting, Berenschot reviewed the entire project with all the parties involved. "Everyone then knows exactly what needs to happen, when and by whom," said Van Straten. Production in Turkey is expected to start in the next couple of years for the Turkish market, as well as for export to the Black Sea region.

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