42520 Evaluation SAADA

University evaluated the € 23 million SAADA programme over the period 2006-2009, implemented by IFDC. The programme aims to increase the productivity and income of 1 million farmers in West-Africa though value chain upgrading strategies.

Research was conducted in 7 countries by a mixed team of international and local experts. The purpose of the evaluation of SAADA-A was to establish the efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, and sustainable impact of the innovative approach and to learn from processes, results and collaborative modalities, with the aim to consolidate and improve implementation modalities. The purpose of the evaluation of SAADA-B and C was to assess whether and how proven and innovative IFDC approaches have been (can be) extended to other parts of Africa and whether and how IFDC has incorporated (can incorporate) important cross-cutting issues in its activity programs.

The evaluation was based on desk study, analysis of quantitative data (we developed a framework to analyse a set of quantitative indicators), surveys (assessment of statements) amongst key stakeholders SAADA-A, interviews with key stakeholders, seven case studies (1 per country), workshops at sub-national level, workshops at national level and consultation of the Regional Advisory Committee. The final evaluation report was well received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by IFDC and by the Dutch co-financing NGO Agriterra.

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