Cycling for better Urban Mobility

Berenschot conducted diagnostic workshops in sustainable mobility with officials from the City of São Paulo and the State of Rio de Janeiro, under auspices of the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

The objective of the workshops was to define the status quo of urban sustainable mobility, the ambitions for the future and the challenges that lie ahead. Based on this analysis the Dutch Cycling Embassy transmitted relevant cycling expertise. In both cases the local governments confirmed their ambition to cooperate on a structural base with the Dutch Cycling Embassy and it’s Brazilian consortium consisting of: Berenschot, Goudappel Coffeng, MLA+, the City of Amsterdam, the City of Nijmegen and the University of Twente. The needs expressed by the Brazilian governments are mainly focussed on capacity building activities, such as trainings and workshops for local officials. Examples of subjects to be covered by the capacity building are:

  • Support to design a sustainable mobility plan
  • Promotion of urban cycling
  • Initiation of pilot projects
  • Create credibility for cycling as means of transport by using the Dutch Best Practises
  • Study visits to The Netherlands
  • Integral mobility planning
  • Design of and integrated network
  • Transit planning
  • Security in traffic
  • Support to organise a learning process

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