Chemical industry and government: roadmap for reducing carbon footprint

The Dutch chemical industry is a very important economic sector with a substantial carbon footprint and growing energy cost concerns due to intensified international competition. Berenschot was asked by chemical industry association VNCI to develop a roadmap for carbon footprint reduction.

The project was run with the purpose of commitment of the entire sector to a shared reduction ambition. Berenschot chose an analysis-driven approach, incorporating the long-term perspective on achieving sustainable solutions in the entire supply and value chain, in 3 stages:

  • Quantifying innovation projects incorporating over 300 projects in 80 chemical companies
  • Brainstorming, prioritization and project selection in 9 workshops with over 150 participants..
  • Setting a joint ambition for energy efficiency, reduction of energy and CO2 footprint.

The resulting roadmap is an accurate overview of the carbon footprint reduction ambition. Based on the experience and expert judgements, it adds up to 40%: yearly savings of 20 million tons of CO2!

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