About UTSN

The Netherlands and Suriname have a long common history and thus a special relationship. Suriname became independent in 1975. At the time of independence, the Netherlands made so-called Treaty Funds available to help Surinam in its development as an independent state.

Treaty Funds

These funds have been partially spent. Besides allocating the remaining treaty funds, the Netherlands and Surinam are also working on defining a new cooperative relationship. The traditional partnership, primarily based on inter-government cooperation, will be replaced by a new form of cooperation, namely between societies.

A new cooperative relationship

The new cooperative relationship will be implemented in various ways, also based the Minister's decision to establish a Surinam-Netherlands Twinning Facility. The aim of this facility is to finance the joint activities of Dutch and Surinam civil society organisations when these contribute to sustainable development of the civil society sector in Suriname, for example by fostering knowledge exchange, capacity building and institutional strengthening

Implementation of the Twinning Facility

The Implementation Organisation for the Suriname-Netherlands Twinning Facility (Uitvoeringsorganisatie Twinningfaciliteit Suriname-Nederland - UTSN) is responsible for the fair and effective management of the available funds. UTSN was asked to manage € 12 million for the period 2008 - 2012. After a successful evaluation, UTSN was elected again in 2013 to manage a new edition of the fund, worth € 6,5 million, for the period 2014-2016 and is currently setting up and monitoring close to 50 projects.

UTSN was established by Berenschot by order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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