PSI grant application manufacturing company

Meaf Machines specialises in thermoforming machines for manufacturing plastic sheets and cups. These products are primarily used in the dairy sector, for example for yoghurt. Meaf was approached by Al Haram from the Palestine Authority, a company that manufactures plastic jerry cans and that has good contacts with the local dairy sector.

Together they saw the potential for setting up a production facility for plastic cups for the dairy sector in the Palestine Territories. Meaf Machines and Al Haram wanted to invest in a thermoforming machine and printers. The factory is expected to provide employment for 29 people. In addition, the factory will be ISO certified and new standards in the area of HRM and quality will be implemented. Berenschot prepared a grant application for this project under the Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI). The application included elements such as a market analysis, a business plan and a budget estimate. The application was granted and resulted in a € 900,000 grant. Meaf hopes to reinforce its position in the Middle East with this project.

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