PSI grant application transportation sector

The Rotterdamse Mobiliteits Centrale (RMC) was put into contact with a taxi company on Cape Verde by a Dutch foundation. They jointly decided to invest in a professional taxi control centre on the island Sal. RMC and the taxi company wanted to equip the taxi control centre with modern communication equipment and invest in a number of new passenger taxis and taxi buses.

In addition, new standards were developed and implemented to bring the transportation sector on Sal to a higher level. This includes rate lists posted in taxis, uniforms and training in the area of customer friendliness and service. The project is expected to create direct employment for 46 persons on Sal. Berenschot supported the RMC in preparing a grant application under the Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI). The application included elements such as a market analysis, a business plan and a budget estimate. The application was approved and resulted in a € 677,500 grant.

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