21 September 2015

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs engaged Berenschot Energy & Sustainability to assess the impact of the efforts needed to achieve an enhanced integration of the Dutch electricity market with neighbouring markets.

14 September 2015

Under contract of Market Reform, Berenschot has provided in-depth market surveys and expert reviews on several European gas market elements.

9 September 2015

Er ligt een grote ambitie voor verduurzaming van de gebouwde omgeving in Nederland. Zo dient in 2050 de energievoorziening geheel emissievrij te zijn en dus geen CO2 uit te stoten.

4 September 2015

At this age the world is facing environmental problems as a consequence of human intervention, among these problems are: global warming and urban air pollution. A big part of these problems is rooted in our energy consumption.

18 May 2015

ACM requested Berenschot Energy & Sustainability to conduct a study regarding market and competition issues under Flow-Based Market Coupling (FBMC) for electricity. The positive decision of ACM as well as the Berenschot report were published recently. The Berenschot report can be found here and on the ACM website.

11 February 2015

Berenschot was asked to develop an international HR strategy and organisation for a large division of an engineering company, originally consisting of independent businesses. Governance issues forced the company to adopt a more integrated governance model. Berenschot assisted the company in defining the critical success factors of the division, specifying key issues for HR, establishing the required contribution of HR and organization to realise the strategy.

11 February 2015

Berenschot performed a research study for Joulz to improve productivity. Joulz aims to be a specialist in the energy infrastructure market. Berenschot explored the possibilities for improvements and quantified potential savings, resulting in recommendations for improved business units and successful implementation. Berenschot analysed the bottlenecks within the company through interviews, surveys and benchmarking. During the implementation of the plan the management of Joulz was actively coached by Berenschot to achieve successful change.

11 February 2015

Local communities, the government program institution and the national forest institution asked Berenschot to identify the possibilities for wind with a focus on economic impact and issues regarding public support. Berenschot applied its “Alliance Factory” methodology - a high-intensity dialogue process to achieve consensus and connections between participants – to translate the feasibility study into action, ensuring participation of all parties involved.

10 February 2015

The aim of the Power to Products project is to explore the potential of demand response, in the energy intensive industry. Together with the ISPT and CE Delft, Berenschot will develop five business cases showing demand enhancement responding to low energy prices caused be renewable energy production, in different energy scenarios reflecting future conditions.

10 February 2015

TenneT, the high-voltage grid company and Transmission System Operator (TSO) for the Netherlands as well as large parts of Germany, wanted to share its insights into the changing electricity market by publication of a market review.

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