Zwaar weer (Stormy Weather)

Crisis management as man’s work
D.A. van den Wall Bake, B.F.G.M. Duyvesteyn, D.H. Houthoff, W.J. Möhring and A.M. Slooff
Amsterdam: Reed Business Information, 2005
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90 5901 696 3
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This book contains sixteen case studies from actual practice that involve aspects of organisational science, interchanged with a few more reflective themes and interludes in the form of mini case studies pertaining to human factors. It is written by a team of Berenschot consultants and is supplemented with brief reactions from a cross-section of people with whom they collaborated in this area, such as Mrs Brouwer, Mayor of the City of Utrecht, Cardinal Simonis, Mr Oosting, Chairman of the Fireworks Disaster Committee and National Crisis Management Coordinator Mr Geveke.

As such the book is primarily a reflection of Berenschot's twenty years of consulting experience in this area. A helping hand during crisis management.
The volume deals with contributions made by organisational science to the management of potential and large-scale emergency situations and provides food for thought about how things can go well, but also about how things can sometimes go completely awry. Zwaar weer (Stormy Weather) shows how moments of fear and uncertainty can cause paralysis, but also how such moments can be leveraged as unexpected opportunities. Admirable and surprising points that enable the reader to take a further step.


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