Wegwijzer methoden projectmanagement (Project Project Management Methodologies Roadmap)

Ariane Moussault, Edwin Baardman and Fritjof Brave
Zaltbommel: Van Haren Publishing, 2011
Publishing date:
978 90 8753 639 8
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Projects constitute an essential component of business operations in increasingly more companies and organisations. Project management has evolved into a vital element in managing the organisation.

Often one of the first steps in professionalising project management within a company or organisation is the selection of a project management methodology. This results in the introduction of a common language as a result of which communication is more effective and roles and tasks are more clearly allocated.

Selecting a project methodology is not a simple task, however. For companies who are informing themselves about the choice of a specific methodology, this book provides a condensed overview of the publicly available methodologies in the Netherlands.

The aim of this book is not to provide a value assessment of the methods discussed. It does make it clear, however, that the choice of a methodology is determined on a situational basis. The book provides insight into which aspects are supported by the various methodologies and provides considerations for selecting a project management methodology.

The ten methodologies are objectively compared on the basis of a comparative model developed for this book (based on the NCB version 3 competencies). This quantitative approach is combined with a qualitative approach. As such the book responds to the questions that (project) managers, responsible for selecting a methodology, may be facing.

A methodology is no more than an aid for the project manager. The value of using a single standard methodology is put into perspective. The possibility of using only those components of a methodology that are useful in the context of a specific project are presented and the book identifies the combinations of methodologies that are being used. The formulation of several high points from the methodologies, the icing on the cake so to speak, provides the book with an added dimension.

This book was produced at the initiative of Berenschot and IPMA-NL, the largest professional project management association in the Netherlands.

Wegwijzer voor methoden bij projectmanagement

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