Value Sourcing, Sourcing Value

Hadewij van de Kamp, Karin Stalenhoef and Hans Dijkhuis
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2010
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9 789490 314026
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The authors want to sketch out a broad and colourful picture for the reader of the value of value sourcing for the fields of nano electronics, embedded systems and mechatronics, and in addition give them concrete pointers for applying the methodology within their own organisation. As such Value Sourcing, Sourcing Value is the first work that places the value concept, which cautiously appears to be becoming an industry standard, in the limelight.

The publication explains value sourcing, a supply base management methodology based on the best practices of successful Dutch high tech organisations. This methodology helps chains in optimising their quality, delivery reliability, technology development and total cost management in a planned way in order to create maximum added value for the end customer. Point-One is a strategic innovation programme for nano electronics, embedded systems and mechatronics. The objective of Point-One is to strengthen the competitive strength of this cluster, now and in the future. The objective of the Point-One project ‘Value Sourcing; the road to structural performance improvements' is to structurally improve the performance of small and medium enterprises in the supply industry, because they play a crucial role in achieving the Point-One objective. Value sourcing, a clear and transparent supply base management methodology is designed to achieve this.

This book was authored by Hadewij van de Kamp, Karin Stalenhoef (both from Berenschot) and Hans Dijkhuis (Point-One/ASML). This book was written pursuant to the project ‘Value Sourcing; the road to structural performance improvements' that Berenschot is overseeing in the high tech industry under contract to Point-One.


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