The Trust Equation

Key conclusions of Agri & Food Trends 2014
Edwin Lambregts, Lindy van der Veen, Roel van Lanen en Jos Boumans
Berenschot, Utrecht 2014
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The Trust Equation

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Reputation and trust: the central theme of Agri & Food Trends 2014. In the last five years, the agrifood industry was hit by a number of scandals. As a result, consumer trust has been negatively affected. However, research shows that many organisations in the agrifood sector rate the perception of the industry as ‘excellent’. The question arises: does the sector need to become more confident and reflective? And what does the sector need to do to regain consumer trust?

In this document you will find a brief summary of the main conclusions of Agri & Food Trends 2014, published by Berenschot for the third consecutive year. In addition to our annual partners, VMT, ZLTO and LTO Noord, this year the HAS Hogeschool, FNLI and Fevia joined as partners. While the majority of respondents are Dutch, this year some Belgians are included.

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