Succesvolle portfolio's (Successful Portfolios)

Organic growth of product range puts financial results under pressure
Klaas de Gier, Wouter de Wolf, Martijn Laar
The Hague, Academic Service, 2012
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978 90 5261 893 7
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Especially in times of crisis it is crucial to have the right portfolio. Each year companies increase their product range on average by 10% in spite of the fact that the effect of the crisis reduces sales by 20% to 40%. This is due to the fact that 60% of industrial companies do not have an explicit product strategy. Without strategic portfolio management, this structural proliferation remains unchecked and causes operating results to come under undue pressure. This is the conclusion of portfolio experts Laar, De Gier and De Wolf in the new Berenschot book Succesvolle portfolio's, portfoliomanagement in de praktijk (Successful Portfolios, Portfolio Management in Actual Practice).

Succesvolle portfolio's

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