Strategy Trends 2013

New game or old rules?!
Hendrik Jan Kaal, Roel van Lanen en Wieke Ambrosius
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2013
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Dutch companies continue to desperately look for new business models in 2013. In these models, entrepreneurs and managers seek the solution to declining turnover and revenue. Through new business models, they also try to avoid ‘old fashioned' price competition, which is currently experienced as fierce. The question is therefore whether it will become a new game or whether the old rules will dominate in the competition.

This uncertainty continues to affect the strategy development of businesses in 2013. Strategy development is threatening to stagnate because businesses are indicating that the status quo tends to be preferred, that it is difficult to make real choices and that if choices are made, it is difficult to put them into practice. In short, entrepreneurs have run out of ideas.

However, this stagnation also has a positive effect, namely that businesses are focusing more on their environment in their own search for hope and something to hold to. The customer is becoming a more important target, through greater focus on customer segments and more attention for tailor-made solutions. Chain partners are gaining importance due to the strongly increasing need for alliances in the business chain and more frequent attention to co-design and co-production.

In all this, the entrepreneur remains positive. Compared with their colleagues in countries like Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic, Dutch entrepreneurs are more positive and foresee growth in their business plans in terms of both turnover and profit. However, they are more confident about their international activities than those in the Dutch market. Europe offers the best prospects in that respect.

Strategy Trends 2013

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