Strategische Conversatie (Strategic Conversation)

Approach and tools for collective strategy development in organisations, chains and clusters
Marcel van Assen and Gerben van den Berg
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2012
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978 90 5261 936 1
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Organisations are increasingly intertwined in partnerships and networks. Minor disruptions in one organisation have immediate consequences for all partners in the chain. The timely perception of trends and developments among ‘the neighbours' and their anticipation is thus a determining factor in the survival of organisations. They must therefore maintain an ongoing discussion at strategic level with their partners in their chain, cluster, sector and/or network. However, organisations prefer not to jointly formulate their strategy. Nevertheless, this is possible. That is the conclusion of Berenschot consultants Marcel van Assen and Gerben van den Berg in their new book Strategische Conversatie (Strategic Conversation).

Table of content

Introduction and reading guide
The background to this book
What is the book's target audience?
Structure of the book

Part I: Approach to strategic conversation
1. Strategic conversation: necessity and definition
2. Organisation of strategic conversation

Part II: Tools for strategic conversation
3. Tools for exploring the future
4. Tools for promoting creativity
5. Tools for promoting participation
6. Tools for recording and exchanging knowledge

About the authors

strategische conversatie

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