Het Strategieboek 2 (The Book of Strategy 2)

New playing fields
Paul Pietersma, Kees Rippen, Theo Janssen, Simone Buijs, Gerben van den Berg and Erwin Ketelaar
The Hague: SDU, 2006
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Het Strategieboek 2 - nieuwe speelvelden (The Book of Strategy 2: New Playing Fields). A more than valuable sequel to the well-known Strategieboek (Book of Strategy). One of the best selling management books for an extended period of time.

The book builds on the strategy formulation methodology developed in the Strategieboek (Book of Strategy)and hence starts off with a summary of the key points of this Strategy Dialogue, supplemented by new case studies from actual practice. The Strategy Implementation component has been completely revamped and has been significantly expanded. Furthermore, a number of current management themes (new playing fields) have been developed in further detail and linked to the Strategy Dialogue. The reader is provided with ways of dealing with current issues:

How do I shape innovation?

How should I make use of the Internet?

Internationalisation: why and how?

Is offshoring attractive for my clients?

How do I determine my position in relation to suppliers and clients?

How do I give corporate citizenship and sustainability, or socially responsible enterprise, a face?

All these themes are dealt with substantively as well as from a process-oriented perspective in relation to their relevance to shaping strategy.

Case studies and useful management models are included for each theme. Het Strategieboek 2: nieuwe speelvelden (The Book of Strategy 2: New Playing Fields) updates and completes the strategy toolkit.


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