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Agrofood Strategy Trends 2013
Lindy van der Veen, Roel van Lanen, Edwin Lambregts en Wieke Ambrosius
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2013
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In these difficult economic times, the agro-food sector is a beacon for Dutch industry. Many companies are performing quite well and the level of productivity, innovation and export orientation is high.

However, things are not all rosy. In all agricultural chains as well as in the food industry, sales prices and revenue are under pressure. This is clearly revealed in this second edition of the Agrofood Strategy Trends Survey: price competition is a strategic issue and therefore very important for agro-food companies. Moreover, the sector is under the magnifying glass of public opinion. That requires good strategic choices and consistent implementation of policy.

This report contains the ingredients that you can use to consider your own strategy. It not only provides an overview of the main issues and bottlenecks facing agro-food companies, but also highlights the trends the companies will focus on in the coming years.

Agrofood Strategy Trends 2013

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