Aan de slag met Het Nieuwe Werken (Implementing the New Way of Working)

Survey Report 2011-2012
Filip van den Bergh en Steven Marshall
HR Strategie, 2012
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Preview of ‘Aan de slag met Het Nieuwe Werken’ (Implementing the New Way of Working)

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Filip van den Bergh and Steven Marshall surveyed 72 organisations concerning the status of the New Way of Working.

This theme-oriented research about the New Way of Working provides insight into its status in the Netherlands, the goals organisations have set in this regard and the translation into HR tools. In addition, the book includes a practical business case at SNS REAAL and focuses on the changing requirements regarding the surrounding areas of buildings.

Let the report inspire you, and realise your own HR objectives in the area of the New Way of Working.

Aan de slag met het nieuwe werken

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