Second opinion

A Review of Hospital Strategies
E.C.A. Castelijns, C.A.A.M. van Kollenburg and K.L.L. Oh
Utrecht: Berenschot 2011
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A Pdf version of the book can be obtained from Oerm Matern.


Do you prefer horizontal or vertical collaboration? Or do you prefer to work solo? Which measures will you be implementing in order to achieve the imposed reductions over the coming years? Are you in a position to execute your building plans or are you still searching for financing? Are you interested in creating flexible positions? If so, what activities are you carrying out in this context? What steps are you taking to create patient loyalty?

In the spring of 2011, Berenschot organised meetings with over 20 hospitals to discuss the strategic issues faced by hospital administrators. The book ‘Second Opinion: ziekenhuisstrategieën tegen het licht (A review of Hospital Strategies)' with our findings was published on this basis.

There are major differences among hospitals with regard to their selected strategies. In Second Opinion, we outline the differences and similarities between present-day hospitals and provide insight into the underlying reasons. Furthermore, we provide insight into the optimal strategy mix.


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