Samenwerkende brancheorganisaties (Collaborating sector organisations)

Choose the strongest strategy
Dr T. van der Rijken LL.M.
Lelystad: VM, 2012
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The boundaries between sectors are blurring. This is causing sector organisations to breach each other's territory. They are now facing a strategic challenge: how to deal with these new competitors?

Tim van der Rijken is writing a book on this strategic issue based on his December 2011 PhD thesis. He shows that the organisation must answer three strategic questions when it becomes involved in a merger situation. The answers show whether collaboration is recommended and that a merger is not necessarily the best solution. The first question is: what is our competitive position? Then: how would we like to grow from here? And only then: would collaboration with an adjoining sector organisation help us to achieve that growth? In that case, a merger is only one of the possible outcomes.

Tim's research produced a conceptual model that identifies the relationship between the strategy and effectiveness of sector organisations and helps you make strategic choices. This book explains the model and offers practical reference points for applying the model in practice. The book is written for directors, managers or professionals and can be ordered at

Samenwerkende brancheorganisaties

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