Risicoanalyse (Risk Analysis)

Theory and practice for professionals in the public domain
Niels-Ingvar Boer and Eugèn Beekman
The Hague: SDU Uitgevers, 2008
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9 879012 120456
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Risk analyses are intended to simplify decision-making and to help answer questions like: What risks do we run if we decide to pursue a certain option? Can we overcome those risks with an acceptable effort in consideration of the impact that this option will have, or are the risks of not intervening so high that the option should take priority over other investments? In other words, the selection of a method or model demands careful and explicit consideration. To help you make this choice, Berenschot has written a book to offer professionals in the public domain a guide to making the right match.

Risicoanalyses: Theorie en praktijk voor professionals in het publieke domein (Risk analyses: Theory and Practice for Professionals in the Public Domain) develops a concept linking theory and practice. Each theory begins with a discussion of the fundamental principles. Next, a description is provided of how the model can be applied, and examples of the situations for which the model is best suited are given. The descriptions of the practical cases were modelled on current social files and organisations that stir the imagination. These cases are every bit as colourful as the public domain itself: from the introduction of the public transportation 'chip card' to combating crime and terrorism to the problem of early school leaving to passport issue by municipalities.


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