Publieke werken (Public Works)

The human dimension in change
Monique Geerdink, Franka Gladon, Valérie Overmeer, Jacco Post, Erik Sons and Hans van der Werff
The Hague: Sdu Uitgevers, 2010
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9 789052 616988
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Publieke Werken (Public Works) describes twelve change management projects in the public sector. Directly involved parties speak about how their knowledge, experiences and emotions contributed to the results achieved by the change management initiatives. This offers a revealing and sometimes bewildering look behind the scenes of change in the public sector. Berenschot's change management experts subsequently provide their honest and sometimes surprising feedback and views on the change management projects.

This book challenges you to think about an effective way in which to implement changes in the public domain. It provides insight and instigates the debate about the necessary professionalisation of the change management process in the public sector, without prescribing detailed answers.

The authors are all employed by Berenschot and are experts in the field of change


This publication is only available in Dutch

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