Wegwijzer voor methoden bij projectmanagement (Project Management Methodologies Roadmap)

Edwin Baardman, Gerard Bakker and Jan van Beijnhem
Zaltbommel: Van Haren, 2006
Publishing date:
9 789087 530051
Nr of pages:

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One of the first steps in professionalising project management within an organisation is to select a project management methodology. This decreases the chance of misunderstandings caused by the lack of well-defined concepts and means that roles and tasks are more clearly allocated. It also facilitates the exchange of project information.

Selecting a project methodology is not a simple task, however. This book is written especially for companies and managers who are in the process of selecting a methodology and provides a concise overview of publicly available methodologies in the Netherlands. It also describes when and how best to apply these methodologies.

This book describes the origins of a number of streams and in this way provides insight into the concepts underlying these methodologies. Using a model to structure the methodologies and an evaluation procedure, the various project management methodologies are compared with each other. This provides a clear overview of their interrelationships. The concluding summary indicates which project management methodology can best be applied in what context.