Toekomst voor Raden van Toezicht (Is there a Future for Supervisory Boards?)

Marian Luursema, Mark van Twist, Frank Beemer, Ronald Timmerman, Femke Gronheid
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2003 (Berenschot Foundation)
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Just like the business sector has its supervisory boards of directors, the public sector has had its own supervisory boards for some time now. They are part of institutions such as hospitals, housing corporations and universities, as well as independent administrative bodies such as the Netherlands Land Title Registry and the Netherlands Forest Management Agency. Corporate governance consequently has gained a permanent place in the public sector.

Toekomst voor raden van toezicht? (Is there a Future for Supervisory Boards?) describes the role, tasks and positioning that characterise the supervisory boards of various institutions in the public sector. These turn out to be as diverse as the institutions themselves. The authors furthermore discuss the implications of the differences between the private and public sectors for the operation of supervisory boards.

What interests must a supervisory board protect? How can a supervisory board maintain its independence and at the same time gain the confidence of the institution's stakeholders? And who exercises oversight over the supervisory board?

The authors aim to provide members of the supervisory boards, as well as policymakers, with inspiration for the formulation of ideas concerning the further development of corporate governance in the public sector and in particular the positioning of supervisory boards within this framework.


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